Open Hands


If you are already enjoying a living, active relationship with God, through the saving blood of Jesus Christ, our hope is that what we share will feed that relationship.  We are a diverse little fellowship of believers, united by our faith in, and love for, God our Father.  Geographically we are spread across the world.  Spiritually we are of one heart, to be obedient to Christ our Lord in sharing the riches of His Grace and Mercy in the salvation He brings.If you are searching for some meaning to this life on earth, if there is a questioning in your heart that won’t go away, our prayer is that you will find direction to the feet of the Saviour. 

Jesus came to seek out those who feel lost, those who know there is more than this temporal existence, and those who think there is nothing else, this is all there is.  He came to reveal a Life that is everlasting, joyful and rich.  A Life where we will never feel lost or abandoned, where we are valued beyond anything we could understand.  Life in all its fulness.

Each week we post thoughts on a particular topic.  We give you scriptures to read and encourage you, scriptures that we pray will lead you to seek God for yourself, to delve deeper into His Word and expand on what we write. 

We are not claiming to be anything other than fellow travellers on this journey.  Travellers who need sustenance through the revealing power of Holy Spirit Who quickens the Word of God to us, travellers who want to share that sustenance, the Bread of Life with you.