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The Waiting King

Contributor: Annie

Scriptures Matthew 6:25-34 John 13:31 – 17:26 James 4:8, Jeremiah 29:12-14

In a land far away was a magnificent castle, intricately built with stones that glowed in the sunlight, surrounded by a moat with crystal clear water. One day the drawbridge was lowered, and the massive gates thrown wide open. Slowly and cautiously the folk from the surrounding districts began approaching, catching glimpses through the gate of a banquet table laid with the most sumptuous looking food and drink they had ever seen. Eventually, one brave person made their way over the bridge and into the banquet hall. When the others saw that it was safe, they all flooded over the bridge and began enjoying the delicious food that never seemed to run out. Each day after that, the castle was opened and more and more people turned up to eat and leave well-fed and satisfied.

Each day while this was going on, a man sat alone in the corner of the hall, watching as the people poured in and the banquet was devoured, until they were full, when they all left. He sat, ignored by everyone, until one day a small child spotted him, went up to him and asked him who he was. The man said “I’m the one who gives you this banquet.” The child looked at him, reached out his hand and simply said “Thank you.” The Lord of the castle took the child’s hand and led him through a small, insignificant looking door into the most beautiful, wonderful place the child had ever seen and said “Welcome, this is now yours, not just for today but forever.” Wide eyed the child gazed in awe struck silence at the glory that lay before him as tears of gratitude streamed down his face.

How often do I feast at my God’s banquet table and neglect to reach out to Him and give Him thanks? Each day, without fail, God cares for me, He gives me air to breathe, strength to carry on walking this journey of earthly life He has set me on. And when I get weary, He sweeps me up in His arms and carries me.

In His sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave us absolute assurance of God’s care and provision for us. He cares for the flowers in the field, not one sparrow is missed by Him, so how much more does He care for us?

In John’s gospel, just before they left for Gethsemane, the disciples heard our Lord and Saviour speak of His Betrothal Gift to us, precious Holy Spirit, our Promise that we would never be left alone.

God has never once neglected us, never forgotten about us, never ignored our presence. Can we say we do the same toward Him? Do we ignore His Presence, just as the King was neglected in the banquet hall? Are we so enamoured with what He provides for us, the gifts He gives us, both physical and spiritual, the beautiful world He created for us to live in, that we neglect Him?

Jesus warned some of His followers that many would say “Lord, Lord didn’t we……..” and then He told them that He had never known them and they were banished from His Presence.

If we choose to neglect Him, no matter how much we appear to be working for Him, we will never get to know Him, and this, Jesus tells us, is what Eternal Life is.

Prayer: Father God, remind us that as we draw nearer to You, You will draw near to us. Thank You that You are ever present, always with us, waiting patiently for us to turn to You and acknowledge You as the Loving Father that You are.

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