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The Treasury of God


Scriptures: Matthew 6: Luke 12:34 Job 38 Psalm 37:4 Revelation 22:13

Many years ago I worked for a Government department that deals with care and compensation for people after accidental injury, in a customer facing role. It was stressful and we regularly had training on how to care for our own well being as some of the cases we had to deal with were traumatic. I remember one facilitator telling us about a small velvet bag he always carried with him, containing shells, small pieces of rock and pebbles from places where he had been scuba diving. Whenever life became overwhelming he would put his hand into the bag and bring out a piece and, immediately, he would be transported to a time of wonder and enjoyment, relaxing in clear ocean water, discovering treasures under the waves.

That velvet bag contained treasures that were of so much more value than wealth or earthly security. Jesus told us that where our treasure is, there will our hearts be. A tiny shell, treasured for the memory it evoked, brought stillness to a troubled heart as the memory became alive again.

We may not have a physical treasure bag but we all have treasures stored away in that amazing God-created bag called our memory. Memories that Holy Spirit can bring life to whenever we call upon Him to stir them up, so that, like Mary, we can ponder upon them in our heart. Treasures that are able to restore to us our God inspired joy and peace, no matter what chaos rages around us.

We also have a tangible treasure bag we call The Bible. Whenever I read Job 38, the desire in my heart to know the God who created, not only our universe, but all of the galaxies so meticulously, becomes so strong, so vital. By delighting myself in God, I get to know Him more, then that desire is granted, as God promises, and I realise that the value of this treasure grows exponentially. It cannot and will not diminish. It is not dependant upon the vagaries of this earthly life, but upon the assurance of our Father’s kingdom that has no beginning and no end.

We are told we have this treasure in earthly vessels. Within our earthly bodies we carry the immortal, magnificent treasure of the Life of God Himself. Jesus came to this earth as the Lamb of God, the Lamb who had been slain from before the foundation of the earth. He said to John on Patmos, “I AM the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last”. Let us ponder upon this treasure for a moment.

Our minds cannot conceive of anything that has no beginning and no ending, yet here is the glorious Risen Christ saying that this is Him. He was and always will be the Lamb who was before the beginning and will be after the ending of time itself. And His Life, this timeless Life, dwells in all who surrender their own life, who let go of earthly treasures, who desire only to store up treasures in heaven and who seek to truly love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and their neighbour as themselves.

This is Life eternal, our treasured, precious gift, freely given to us yet paid for with an unimaginable sacrifice.

Prayer: Father God, as You lay before us the treasures of the breaking dawn, of each snowflake, of the beauty of glow worms deep inside the hidden caverns of mountains, may we ever more deeply realise that these, for all their beauty and wonder, are transient treasures. Let us seek You as the Creator of these treasures to be our eternal, ever more glorious, ever more wonderful Treasure, to be stored in our hearts and pondered upon intently and desired ever more greatly. Amen

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