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Seeking His Face


Scriptures: Psalm 139:17 Psalm 27:8, 4-5 Psalm 121

How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!

As we begin this year, 2021, in which direction are we turning our thoughts? Are we breathing a secret sigh of relief that somehow the change of date will enable us to forget the unrelenting media focus on the broken hearts and shattered lives of 2020? In these moments of quiet, rather let us focus on where God turns His thoughts toward. Let us take a breath and, together, seek His Face.

In quietness and confidence, let us come before God, laying aside all the trauma and chaos around us, setting down at the foot of the cross all our fears, all our tangled emotions and let us glance upward, into the loving eyes of our precious Abba Father God. For it is only and ever in Him that we will find rest to our soul. It is only and ever in His gaze that we will find the comfort and strength we crave.

As we, often with trepidation as we begin, take a sip of the precious Water of Life offered to us by and through our Lord and Saviour, our parched hearts and weary souls will be refreshed, will be soothed and will be energised. As we drink more, we begin to realise more deeply that what Jesus told the Samaritan woman is indeed true, we will never thirst again. What this means is that the wellspring of Living Water will never run dry, we never again need to feel empty, dry or at a place where we cannot drink. All it takes is one glance into the Face of God to know that our refreshing is right there.

As we turn our hearts and our minds toward our Lord most high, as we gaze into those Eyes that never move from watching us, the intensity of our Father God’s care for us, of His undistracted concentration on every minute detail of our lives, becomes ever more real to us.

We are the apple of His Eye, He delights over us with singing, He catches every tear we shed in a bottle. He gathers us and hides us under the shadow of His wings. God is our refuge and strength and the truth of this shines out of His Face like a beacon. As a lighthouse guides sailors home, so the Light of Life pours out of His Face, illuminating every step we take.

Let us take a breath, slow down our racing thoughts, lift our hands in adoration and worship and simply open ourselves up to the infinite love that is being offered to us in and through Christ Jesus. In humility and joy let us truly seek His Face. Let us become as little children, wrapped within His Loving arms, listening to His heartbeat, absorbing each precious morsel of His Word and drop of His Living Water.

Prayer: Abba Father, as Your precious children, we come to You. We have nothing to offer but our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. We are but broken vessels asking for Your Light to fill us. As we seek Your Face, let us, like Moses, shine magnificently with Your reflected Light. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, as we turn to You and gaze into Your Face, Your precious light will be reflected in us. Our hearts overflow, Abba, with thanksgiving and love for all You have done through Your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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