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Our Faithful God


Scriptures: Jeremiah 29:11 Psalm 139 Matthew 28:20 There is a song I love to sing and the words “I will stand on every promise of Your Word” are repeated throughout. So listening to the words of this song, I find myself wondering, do I really do that? Do I really stand on all the promises of God?

If I think about it, I don't even know what all the promises of God are. There are so many within His Word. His faithfulness. His love. His never ending mercy. His judgement which is always totally just. We're told that we are promised that He will never leave us, never forsake us. One of the most beautiful promises is that He knows what plans He has for us. Plans for our good not for our harm. Plans that may seem to us like they're going nowhere. Almost as if we're going around in ever decreasing circles, wondering what am I doing? Where am I going? Is my life fulfilling God's plan? But that in itself is not standing on that promise.

God knows the plans He has for me, plans not to harm me, but to do me good. One of the most beautiful promises of God is that His presence goes with us wherever we go. We don't have to be in a church or be with other Christians or even be reading our Bible in our quiet time for God's presence to be with us. If we go to the depths of Hell, even there He is with us. He knows every hair on our heads, His thoughts towards us are more in number than the grains of sand.

Oh my word do I honestly stand on that promise? Every day? That even when I'm drifting around in my doubt, my self doubt, my feelings of worthlessness, I am so valued by God that He has counted the number of hairs on my head. Do I really stand on that promise that every second of every day His precious thoughts are to me, so many they cannot be numbered? That is such a staggeringly wonderful joy and, let’s remember, we are told in His presence is fullness of joy. That is yet another promise in God's Word.

I was wondering how on earth I was going to write down all of the scriptures that speak of God’s promises, but it’s impossible. I'm not going to even attempt it. I will record some of the ones I’ve quoted that are so important to grasp, and then you are invited to take those promises as a starting point for finding so many more. Please, have a go, ask God to guide you, you can use whatever resources you have to look for more. Whether you look online, whether you use a concordance or whether you know your Bible well enough to allow God to guide you to be able to find the scriptures and pick them out. You will never regret it.

My heartfelt wish this week is that you will look through as many of the promises of God that you can find in his word. Find the ones that speak to you personally, ones that sing to you and touch your heart. Develop a basket of treasures so that you are able to ask yourself “Which one am I going to stand on today? Which one am I going to give thanks for and be joyful in today?”

Keep these treasures close to you so that, when, not if, your journey becomes a bit rough and the road twists and turns, you will know just where to find the perfect promise to pick from your basket. You will find the assurance, the comfort and, most of all, the joy that standing on the promises of God gives to us all.

Prayer: Dear, wonderful Father God, thank You for every promise in Your word. Thank You for opening Your heart to us, revealing Your longing for us to trust You, to take Your promises seriously and to then know the security that these promises bring us. Abba Father, thank You, thank You. Amen

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