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For Unto Us a Child is Born

Contributor: Annie

Scriptures: Luke 14:15-24 Luke 1: 26-55 Isaiah 9:6-7

For another year, Christmas is over. The food has been consumed, the presents opened, the chaos may be subsiding. For most people this is what this season of the year is all about, eating, drinking and trying to be merry.

However, there are so many folk in this present age who aren’t included in any special meal, who don’t enjoy the company of family or friends, whose lives aren’t touched by the world’s way of celebrating the birth of the Son of God. Yet these are the ones who will be invited to the Great Supper Jesus spoke of in His parable in Luke 14. Everyone else was too busy, too caught up in their own lives to want to accept the invitation of the Master of the House.

When the Angel Gabriel visited a young woman of lowly birth, whose lineage included what the world could label as disreputable people, God began the fulfilment of all the prophesies relating to the coming of the Messiah. Every detail of every prophetic word would be fulfilled through Jesus, the Son of God, whether in His earthly walk or when He returns in Glory. Mary’s response to the words of the Angel are an indication of the type of person she was. I think as a reaction to how she has been deified by some, I have tended to not ponder about her character or how humbly and obediently she responded. To respond as she did would point to a deep knowledge of scripture, and an even deeper belief that God is faithful to His promises. Her willingness to do the will of God despite the earthly consequences is amazing. She faced disgrace, excommunication, even death, but she trusted God and rejoiced.

Has God asked anything of that magnitude of you, I don’t think He has of me? But I know He has invited me to feast with Him. He has offered me Eternal Life in Him. He has clothed me in His own Righteousness. I have the victory and authority of the Risen Christ because He was born, He lived, He died and He rose from the dead. This is what “Christmas” is all about.

Much as I love the twinkling lights, the special treats and seeing little faces light up as they open gifts that should simply be an expression of the love the giver has for them (not a competition to see who can buy the best), this is not what Christmas is.

The prophet Isaiah foretold the birth of the Messiah as a child, born on earth, whose Name will be Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. This child, the Son of God, is the only Hope for this planet of ours, He is the Precious Gift sent to earth to save all of us from an eternity separated from God.

As we go about our daily lives, with all the distractions and tinsel, God is working out His Sovereign plan and purpose for each of us, and for this world. One day the shout will go out “The Bridegroom is coming”. No-one will miss this, He won’t be coming as a baby laying in a feeding trough, nor in secret. This time Jesus Christ will come with the sound of a trumpet that the whole earth will hear. The King of kings, Radiant Victorious and Glorious.

Are you ready? Are you clothed in the Bridal Wedding Garment, washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb? The Precious Gift of God is offered to all, now is the time to listen to Salvation’s song, to repent, surrender our life and be forgiven. Now is the time.

Prayer: Father God, open our hearts, our eyes, our ears to heed the warnings in Your Word. We know this world is doomed, You are our only Hope, our only Salvation. In Jesus Precious Name, Lord save us. Amen

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