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For Unto Us


Scriptures: Isaiah 9:6 Luke 1:26-38;46-55 Philippians 2:5-11

At some point, most of us will have heard at least some part of Handel’s Oratorio “Messiah”, especially at this time of year when we hear the scripture “For unto us a Child is born” from Isaiah sung by choirs both large and small. It is wonderful that God has used this beautiful music to allow millions of people to hear such an important prophetic word andI do wonder how many hearts have been stirred and lives altered as a consequence.

The words from God spoken through Isaiah are very clear. The Son who is given for us was going to be conceived and be born as a human baby, He would live as a child in an ordinary family. A family where his earthly father had to work hard to put food on the table for his wife and children. With no trappings of wealth or royalty despite this child being the Son of the Most High God.

Of course, there is a glaring difference between the birth of Jesus and the rest of us, He was conceived in the womb of a young virgin by the power of Holy Spirit. And His birth wasn’t exactly conventional either. There were so many people in Bethlehem, all looking for somewhere to stay so they could register in the city of their ancestors. As was the custom of the day, most would find accommodation with relatives, and this is what Joseph and Mary would be hoping for. It took a hard search but, eventually, they were able to find someone who could at least provide them shelter, even if that shelter was where the family’s animals were housed.

The way houses were built at that time in Palestine meant the animals were housed on part of the ground floor where there were hollowed out feeding troughs dug into the floor. When Mary gave birth to this precious child, Who was the Son of God, she laid Him, the Word become flesh, in one of these feeding troughs. This Child born “unto us” began His time on this earth in the most humble of ways, a far, far cry from His Throne of Glory.

Born as one of us, taking on flesh are the words used, was a deliberate, purposeful act by our Lord and Saviour. This Son, given to us, intentionally remained an equal Person within the Being of God yet humbled Himself to become the lowliest among us, a bond servant. He was obedient, only ever doing what He saw His Father do and saying what He heard His Father say, right to the point of death, the most cruel of deaths, on the cross at Calvary.

Without Jesus being born as a human child, living and breathing as we do, we could never be born again into His likeness. This child whose birth we remember at this time each year was and is always our only Hope of redemption and salvation. Born unto us so that we might be born into Him.

This Son of the Most High God was given for us out of the most pure, most perfect love of the Father for this world that has scorned and rejected Him for millennia. But to fulfil the law, a price had to be paid. Blood had to be shed. The Blood of the perfect Lamb of God, born as a child into this corrupt world. Untainted and unsullied by the evil that hides deep within each human heart, He took our place, He paid the price that we owe so that we are able to be forgiven. So that we may be clothed in righteousness and be accepted as His Pure Bride for all of eternity.

Prayer:Father God, we can never thank You enough for giving us Your one and only Son, Jesus, born as a child but always and forever King of kings and Lord of lords. In His precious Name we pray, Amen.

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