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Consider the Stars


Scriptures: Psalm 8:3-4 Psalm 23 Psalm 46:10 Mark 4:39

Philippians 4:8

In this 21st century we so infrequently know a place of pure stillness, our senses have become used to constant stimulation. When we are not watching moving pictures, we are listening to speech or music. Our taste-buds crave new flavours, new delights. There are so many man-made fragrances that are available to entice us. It can be sensory overload and it can become addictive.

Let us look at what God tells us about the need for deliberately taking time to simply be still.

In Psalm 8, the writer relates the outcome of considering the heavens that God has spoken into being. To “consider” is to look attentively at, to think carefully about, to take time to meditate upon or to contemplate deeply. Gazing at a star filled heaven and considering the One who created it all is wonderful and draws us into an awe struck stillness.

In Psalm 23, it is our Good Shepherd who leads us beside still waters, who restores our soul within that stillness. When we truly can be still, we can truly know that He is God.

Just as the disciples became full of fear and panic as the seas became a raging whirlpool and the storm threatened to overturn their small vessel, how often do we become so involved in this storm surge upon all of our senses that we too become afraid and overwhelmed? Yet, when we consider the One who carries within Himself the stillness that can calm these storms, when our eyes turn to Him and our heart cries out and our soul contemplates Him, we are absorbed into that stillness, restored to the peace that passes all understanding.

Consider the stars in the sky In every anguish, Oh, child take courage Do not be afraid Do not be afraid He who made all of this, and who holds all of this, Holds you in his hands (Keith Getty)

Reflecting deeply upon the Being Who is God, contemplating the depth of God’s abiding love, His steadfast faithfulness, is wondrous. In the midst of chaos, He alone is pure stillness. As Elijah realised, God was not in the fire, or the wind, or the earthquake. He was in the still, small Voice. God is in the whisper in our ear telling us which way to go, which path to choose. He is the still point at the centre of the whirlpool, holding us fast in His mighty hands.

Let us pause now and find that stillness, hear that unmistakable Voice, know that deep assurance of God’s presence.

Prayer: Precious, wonderful Father God, as we take the time to lay aside our busyness, make the time to concentrate all our thoughts simply upon You, we will know that stillness that is available to us all. Contemplating Your greatness, the magnificence of Your amazing, unfettered Love for us, brings us to a place of surrender and worship that is all encompassing. Father God, we declare Your complete perfection and our faltering attempts at reflecting Your Glory in what we do. We stand in awe of You, the One who is perfect stillness, perfect peace, perfect love. We let go of our own agenda and simply be still.Amen.

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