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Christian Integrity

Contributor: Jane

SCRIPTURES: Luke 16; 10-11 Psalm 25.21 Proverbs 12: 3 Proverbs 11: 3 Proverbs 12:22 Proverbs 22:16 Matthew 5:8 Philippians 4:8 Romans 12:10 2 Corinthians 8:21

What does the word integrity mean? The dictionary defines integrity as trustworthy, fair, real, honest. What then is Christian integrity? Christian integrity is living a Christian life that is right, being real, honest, truthful and fair in everything we say and do. In Philippines 4: 8 we read “fix your thoughts on what’s true, and honourable, and right and pure.”

God delights in our honesty and those who are truthful. Without honesty a relationship with God is impossible. God is pleased with what is right and just. Proverbs 12:22 “says the lord detests lying lips but he delights in those who tell the truth”. Integrity is being consistent in what we say and what we do therefore an honest reputation is invaluable.

God calls us to be honest in small details, don’t let your integrity slip in small matters and it will not fail you in crucial decisions later. Stealing a pen is a small matter but where is our integrity, telling a lie is a small matter and where is our integrity. Luke 16:10 “Whoever can be trusted with little can to trusted with much”. Live your life in private as you would live your life in public. Strive to be the same person on your own, with your family, friends and colleagues.

How can I exhibit integrity in my daily Christian life? We are to be true to our faith, be truthful and honest as a Christian. Be sincere in everything we do. Integrity is essential for the person who claims Christ as Lord of their lives.

Jesus is the perfect example of a man of integrity. As Christians we should have integrity, to be honest, respectful and truthful in everything we say and do. In Romans 12: 10 we read “ Love one another warmly as Christian brothers and be eager to show respect.”


Prayer: Lord we pray that we can be more honest, real and truthful in everything we do. In the small and larger events in our lives. Lord we pray that our Christian integrity will become more visible to others. In Jesus name we pray, Amen


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