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Captivated and Brought to my Knees


Scriptures: Psalm 145:5 James 4:8a Psalm 118:5 (The Voice translation) Philippians 4:8 John 17:3

Your majesty and glorious splendour have captivated me; I will meditate on Your wonders, sing songs of Your worth.

Gazing upon the beauty of God’s creation, soaking in the glow of the setting sun that paints the sky in glorious hues, dreaming of the Kingdom beyond my human sight. Meditating in the stillness on the magnificence of this earth, so tenderly created. Lost in awe and wonder at the infinite glory and creativity of the God who did indeed create all this. Breaking out into worship and praise that draws me ever closer to the soft sound of the heartbeat of Father God. Being led into the wide open space of God’s majesty as I silently call out to Him.

As we read the promises of God’s all consuming love for us all, absorbing the myriad of examples of God’s Hand of compassion and mercy in the history of His people, we begin to learn more deeply how to find the Life He offers. Contemplating the abundance of this Life He offers us, we find paths of such sweetness, such assurance, opening up before us.

The more we have the courage to walk down these paths, delving more deeply into all the histories of the prophets and apostles, wallowing in the words of the Word who became flesh, we get glimpses of the heart of our Father God. Jesus tells us that Eternal Life is knowing this wonderful Father, and Jesus Christ, His one true Son. And this Eternal Life begins right here, right now.

Intentionally and deliberately choosing to get to know God through prayerful meditation is the first step on this journey. And for each of us this journey is unique to us. There is no “one size fits all” formula because God has made us all unique and wants us to know Him in the way that is specific to each of us.

In the world’s eyes there seems to be very little profit in simply being still, particularly setting aside time to do this. Yet, to God, there could not be a more valuable way for those whose desire is to spend eternity with Him, to use their time. As we settle our hearts and quiet our thoughts, allowing our minds to slow down and let go of the cares of the day, we are able to breathe in the Life of God.

We read words, inspired and birthed by Holy Spirit so long ago, and allow them to sink deep within us, into the soil of our hearts that has been cleared of thorns and weeds, rocks and rubble, made friable and soft by God’s loving Hand. We absorb and contemplate them, offering them back to God in prayer and worship. Words that are seeds sending down roots deep within us, that become life bearing shoots appearing in what we do and say. Shoots whose buds unfurl and blossom, carrying the precious fruit of Holy Spirit to feed, not only us, but the broken, the weary, the hungry, lost souls God causes us to meet on our journey.

Prayer: Father God, may we ever learn more deeply to simply be still. To call out to You in prayerful meditation. To worship and adore You as our prayer becomes a symphony of thanksgiving and praise resounding in our hearts and pouring out as an ever flowing river of Life. Amen

Make me, LORD, a dreamer for Your kingdom

Make me, Lord, a dreamer for Your kingdom Plant in my heart heavenly desires Grant faith that can say “Impossibilities shall be” And vision lest a world should perish not knowing Thee

Make me, Lord, a dreamer for Your kingdom, I would aspire to greater goals in God. So cause faith to rise, to motivate each word and deed, A faith that’s well convinced that Jesus meets every need.

Make me, Lord, a dreamer for Your kingdom, Dreams that will change a world that‘s lost its way. May dreams that first found their birth in Your Omnipotence Come alive in me, becoming reality.

Chris Bowater 1983

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